• First Edition

"Welcome, girls and boys. My name is Rattlebones, and you have been cordially invited to spend the day at my Fabulous Festival of Dice! Play games! Win prizes! Ride the train! I'll be wandering about the park, and if you're the first one to find me, you win! Won't that be delightful?" Rattlebones is a game about building dice. You start with standard six-sided dice, and throughout the course of the game you can remove sides and replace them with other sides that let you do all sorts of wonderful things. Every time you score points, you get closer to finding Rattlebones and, er, winning the game. Yes, winning! It's an experience to six-sided-die for!


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Rattlebones release date September 15, 2014 2 Years Ago

Release Dates

Rattlebones was released 889d ago in the US and the UK.
First Edition
September 15, 2014Confirmed
First Edition
September 15, 2014Confirmed
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