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See what it's really like to hunt whitetail deer in one of four different North American venues! Pro mode provides the same challenges that you would encounter if you were actually in the woods. Ultimate success requires you to harvest each of the four whitetail deer sub-species that are offered in the game. To provide further challenge there are three different firearms choices as well as bow hunting! Action mode provides more of a deer drive style of hunt. The objective in this style of hunt is more about quick and accurate shooting. Combine this with photo-realistic graphics and accurate depictions of the environments and you have the ultimate virtual deer hunting experience. There is something for each style but to earn the platinum you have to master everything!

Pro Deer Hunting release date for PS4 January 28, 2020 8 Months Ago (US)
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Pro Deer Hunting was released on 238d ago in the UK and the US.
January 28, 2020Confirmed
February 4, 2020Confirmed
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