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2 reviews

Power Disc Slam

  • 3DS

Power Disc Slam is no simple park throw about with your dog. It's an intense arcade sports game pitting you against the best. Choose your favorite character and take to the court to show off your skills. Learn to slide, spin and trick your opponent. Watch out for Cooper's fearsome power, Mariana's speed, Henrik's long reach and Adeline's trickery! Be alert as each surface plays differently and the scoring layouts change.


What does the critics say?

Based on 2 Power Disc Slam reviews, Power Disc Slam gets an average review score of 50.
Power Disc Slam is a fine game in theory, but there’s something missing that will prevent it from breaking out on the 3DS.
25d ago
Power Disc Slam is a game that almost gets everything right, but is held back by some core issues that permeate the entire experience.
25d ago

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Power Disc Slam release date for 3DS August 18, 2016 7 Months Ago (US)

Release Dates

Power Disc Slam was released on 3DS 218d ago in the US and the UK.
August 18, 2016Confirmed
August 18, 2016Confirmed

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