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PORSCHE 911 Speedster Release Date

The classic car PORSCHE 911 Speedster upcoming Convertible release date in the USA and UK is to be announced.

Release Dates

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PORSCHE 911 Speedster cover art

PORSCHE 911 Speedster

Classic Car

A retro-styled homage to the Fifties’ 356 Speedster. Strictly a two-seater, it’s all 3.2 Carrera underneath, but above the waist there’s a shorter and steeply raked windscreen and a hard tonneau cover that gave the back a bit of a hump. Weather protection was on the rudimentary side, but that didn’t matter too much as the bulk of the two thousand or so produced headed to America. The car also became an instant collectible, so few Speedsters were pressed into daily service. That makes finding a good example pretty easy, though paying for it may be another matter.

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