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Perilous Shield (Lost Stars)

  • Paperback

Following a successful coup, the leaders of the rebel Midway Star System are struggling to forge a government free enough to please its citizens yet strong enough to secure power. But in a world where former rulers have become new foes, an alien threat to humanity may turn old adversaries into allies. Despite their mutual mistrust, General Artur Drakon partnered with President Gwen Iceni to overthrow the authority of the Syndicate Worlds, before the Syndicate could order their deaths. Now, with the enigma fleet endangering their hard-won independence, they have no choice but to join forces once more. But before confronting the alien advance, Drakon and Iceni must face hidden dangers closer to home: all-too-human threats that could jeopardize Midway's freedom... and their own lives. An exciting new spin-off series from the bestselling author of The Lost Fleet.


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Perilous Shield (Lost Stars) was released 877d ago in the UK and the NO.
September 30, 2014Confirmed
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