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PAZIC (Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Infested City)


You are the leader of a survivor camp on the edge of a city named Pazic. Each round you must decide whether each of your survivors will go after objectives to collect resources, enhance your camp, recruit other survivors, or attack the other camps. Every survivor card in the deck is two-sided, and when a survivor is wounded, infected, or killed, the card can be turned over to become a zombie card, with the world slowly but surely having fewer and fewer survivors and increasingly more zombies. The winner of PAZIC (Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Infested City) is the last camp leader to have any survivors left in his camp, whether by eliminating the other camps or creating a camp so powerful that it can continue to survive the onslaught longer than the other camps as resources and survivors become harder to find.

PAZIC (Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Infested City) release date expected December 2014 2 Years Ago (US)

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PAZIC (Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Infested City) was released 1024d ago in the US and the UK.
First Edition
December 2014Expected
First Edition
December 2014Expected

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