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Pancho, el perro millonario

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Since winning the lottery, Pancho enjoys a life of luxury, indulging his every whim. His PA Alberto (Iván Massagué) administers his tremendous fortune, trying unsuccessfully to make him responsibly rich, to persuade him to give up his squandering ways. One day, Pancho receives a proposal from unscrupulous billionaire Montalbán (Armando del Río), who wants to make Pancho a toy industry superstar. Despite the expert advice of Patricia (Patricia Conde), a beautiful young woman who’d been friends with Alberto at University, Montalbán’s plans come to nothing. So he decides to kidnap Pancho with the help of henchmen Marcos (Alex O’Dogherty) and Tenazas (Secun de la Rosa). Pancho discovers the unexpected dangers of real life, discovers more about himself and learns that true wealth is a good friend.


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Pancho, el perro millonario was released on 993d ago in the UK and the NO.
June 6, 2014Confirmed
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