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OPEL Kadett GT/E Release Date

The classic car OPEL Kadett GT/E upcoming Fastback release date in the USA and UK is to be announced.

Release Dates

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OPEL Kadett GT/E cover art

OPEL Kadett GT/E

Classic Car

Opel’s version of the GM T-car offered a wider range of bodies than the more familiar (in the UK) Vauxhall Chevette. The most appealing of all was the Coupé, which is something of a cult car in Germany, and at the very top of the tree, the GT/E version. The fastest Kadett was distinguished by its two-tone paint and earned its stripes by using the Manta’s 1.9-litre cam-in-head engine in fuel injected form. With 105bhp on tap, it was a genuinely quick car, and the well-damped chassis and tight steering was more than capable of harnessing the additional power.

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