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Once Dead (Richard Phillips)

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Jack Gregory, the CIA’s top assassin, went rogue after a mission gone wrong. When a confrontation leaves him bleeding out on death’s doorstep, he is faced with an offer from a dark figure named Anchanchu. If Jack is willing to act as a human host for Anchanchu, the entity will revive him and give him another shot at life. Jack takes the deal...but he must now face the consequences of having the same dark creature in his head as some of history’s greatest villains. Struggling with desires and memories that are not his own, Jack is not the man he once was. One year later, he is known internationally as The Ripper, fixer for hire, and is faced with having to wrest control of his dark compulsions while preventing a nuclear attack on the United States. From the bestselling author of the Rho Agenda trilogy comes a globe-spanning thriller with a twist unlike anything you’ve ever seen...


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Once Dead (Richard Phillips) release date August 19, 2014 2 Years Ago

Release Dates

Once Dead (Richard Phillips) was released 923d ago in the US and the UK.
August 19, 2014Confirmed
August 19, 2014Confirmed
August 19, 2014Confirmed
August 19, 2014Confirmed
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