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Nisekoi: False Love Vol.4

  • blu-ray

The season is summer—a time for unforgettable memories. At Kosaki’s request, Raku helps out at her family’s shop. Everything was going smoothly until a seasonal typhoon hits the town rendering it impossible for Raku to go home! Now, Raku must spend the night there while Kosaki’s parents are out. At the summer festival, Chitoge is forced to confront her true feelings when she receives from Raku a matchmaking charm customarily exchanged when a man proposes marriage! Things intensify when the gang sets out on an excursion to the beach. The girls show off their cute swimsuits as they have fun under the sun.


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Nisekoi: False Love Vol.4 release date for blu-ray May 26, 2015 21 Months Ago

Release Dates

Nisekoi: False Love Vol.4 was released on blu-ray 641d ago in the US.
May 26, 2015Confirmed
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