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The movie follows a 82-year-old German exile, Mrs. Klinsman, who lives in a quiet cul de sac at the far end of a failed housing development. Her pride and joy is the extensive gnome garden that surrounds her house. Trouble starts however when Bo, Will and Pam move into the house next door. Pam is the first to realize that some of Mrs. Klinsman's gnomes are alive - and hate humans. But the harder she tries to warn Bo and Will that they should leave, the more dug in Bo and Will become toward Mrs. Klinsman and the Johnson family the only other neighbors on the cul de sac. Then, one night, Bo and Will cross the line: Bo kills Mrs. Klinsman. And the gnomes go on a murderous rampage of epic proportions - where no one and nothing is safe.

Night of the Gnomes release date for Cinemaexpected 2017 This Year (US)
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The upcoming Night of the Gnomes Cinema release date is expected to be 2017 in the US.

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