Nickelodeon 12 Months Ago July 11, 2020 us

Nickelodeon's Unfiltered Season 1 Release Date

The tv series season Nickelodeon's Unfiltered Season 1 is already released on Nickelodeon in the USA. The upcoming Nickelodeon release date in the UK is to be announced.

Release Dates

Report Date / Submit ProductReport Date / Submit Product
July 11, 2020Confirmed
Nickelodeon's Unfiltered Season 1 cover art
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Nickelodeon's Unfiltered Season 1

TV Series Season

Each episode of Nickelodeon's Unfiltered features celebrity guests whose true identities are hidden behind an animated 3D filter and voice changer, while the panel deciphers the mystery through rounds of Q&A, wacky trivia and hilarious game competitions. The first panelist to guess the star hiding behind the filter wins the round. Viewers can get in on the fun by downloading the show's filters to transform into the same digital characters as their favorite celebrities.

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