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Neanderthal Paradox: The Evil Returns


In a parallel universe Prua Landi and her cousin, Theda Lan capture and execute Joe Laing, the Futama, and are now engaged in the systematic extermination of all members of the Faithful sect. One enclave of the Faithful has survived the pogrom, hidden deep within an underground complex, but they are barely managing to maintain their existence. Food is scarce and everyone is having to survive on little more than starvation rations. Even so, they refuse to give up hope of salvation from Prua Landi’s tyranny. The empress gives all captured Faithful scientists a stark choice: work for her or die a hideous death. Many choose to die, but those who have chosen life are slowly redressing the imbalance between the science of the Faithful and that of the empress. The Faithful develop a daring plan; they intend to enlist the help of a successful Futama from a parallel reality to overthrow Prua Landi, and so begin research towards their goal. When Prua Landi hears rumours of the research, she knows she must beat the Faithful to the prize, for if such a fantastic idea becomes reality, her life may be placed in grave danger. The race is on.

Neanderthal Paradox: The Evil Returns release date December 1, 2014 4 Years Ago (US)

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Neanderthal Paradox: The Evil Returns was released 1471d ago in the US and the UK.
December 1, 2014Confirmed
December 1, 2014Confirmed
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