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My Name is T.O.R.S.

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For nearly one hundred years, a humanoid automaton called 87 has been abandoned in his creator’s mansion. His life is uneventful, until one day, a family moves into the mansion and turns his life upside down. Unwittingly, he finds himself falling in love with the family’s oldest daughter, Marie, but there are just a few things that stand between them. First, Marie already has a boyfriend, and second, while 87 may appear to be human, he is completely mechanical on the inside. Third, and strangest of all, 87 is not supposed to be feeling anything, let alone love. As he struggles with his feelings for Marie, he realizes they are all in terrible danger for many years ago, the wife of 87’s creator was killed and a terrible plan for revenge was put into action. It is up to 87 to undo his creator’s plot and learn the truth behind his emotions.


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My Name is T.O.R.S. release date July 19, 2014 2 Years Ago

Release Dates

My Name is T.O.R.S. was released 952d ago in the US and the UK.
July 19, 2014Confirmed
July 19, 2014Confirmed
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