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Most Expensivest Season 1

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"MOST EXPENSIVEST" is hosted by Grammy winning hip-hop superstar 2 Chainz who takes viewers on a charming and unexpected tour of the culture of excess. Kinetic and completely unpredictable, 2 Chainz "investigates" all manner of products and services, driven by a central question: Is it worth it? Is it sh*t? Or is it "The Sh*t"? Shot in New York City and Las Vegas, "Most Expensivest" dives headlong into the absurdly luxurious and will determine if $4,000 canine cologne, an $800 bottle of beer or $5,000 Chicken Wings are really worth it.

Most Expensivest Season 1 release date for Viceland November 15, 2017 7 Days Ago (US)
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Most Expensivest Season 1 was released on Viceland 7d ago in the US.
November 15, 2017Confirmed

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