Food Network 13 Days Left Sunday August 8th us

Money Hungry Season 1 Release Date

The tv series season Money Hungry Season 1 upcoming Food Network release date in the USA is on Sunday August 8th and it's only 13 days left. The upcoming Food Network release date in the USA is confirmed to be Sunday August 8th and the upcoming Food Network release date in the UK is to be announced.

Release Dates

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Food Network
August 8, 2021Confirmed
Food Network
Money Hungry Season 1 cover art

Money Hungry Season 1

TV Series Season

In the five-episode series hosted by Kal Penn, competitors showcase their impressive palates in a series of increasingly complex tasting challenges that push their senses and culinary knowledge to the limits. With each dish dramatically revealed under a cloche, the action begins with sixty seconds of rapid-fire tastings where the competitors must identify specific ingredients, then proceeds to the main course round where the challenges become more difficult with every reveal. Each episode has two guest panelists, who are available to provide limited use "flavor favors" lifelines to competitors. In the end, only those that survive through the final tasting are awarded $50,000.

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