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Minaal Carry-on

Travel Bag

LIE-FLAT PACKING ||| So you can pack — and unpack — faster. EASY FULL-BAG ACCESS ||| Instant access to all your gear (not just the stuff on top!) from any angle — thanks to our full-length zips. LOCKABLE, PROTECTIVE DEVICE COMPARTMENT ||| Keep your gadgets safe, but within easy side-access reach in the separate, secure electronics compartment. Your devices are suspended in a neoprene sleeve, so no matter which way you put the bag down, your valuables won't hit the ground. ZIP-AWAY STRAPS ||| Rock the sleek, duffel-style look by hiding the backpack straps in under 10 seconds. BUILT TO CARRY ON ||| Strike the perfect balance between saving money and moving fast - fits inside almost all current major airline carry-on dimensions (even Ryanair!) IGNORE THE RAIN ||| A seam-sealed rain cover that's easy to pull on, packs into itself and can be removed if unnecessary. It just... makes... sense. FIT FOR YOU ||| Find your ideal position with 4-way main strap adjustment and extra-length, adjustable chest strap.

Minaal Carry-on release date April 2014 6 Years Ago (US)

Release Dates

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Minaal Carry-on was released 2220d ago in the US and the UK.
April 2014Confirmed
April 2014Confirmed
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