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MERCEDES-BENZ 200/220/230.4 Release Date

The classic car MERCEDES-BENZ 200/220/230.4 upcoming Saloon release date in the USA and UK is to be announced.

Release Dates

Report Date / Submit ProductReport Date / Submit Product
MERCEDES-BENZ 200/220/230.4 cover art

MERCEDES-BENZ 200/220/230.4

Classic Car

These were the lesser of the New Generation cars, built to replace the four-cylinder Fintails. In Mercedes-speak they are known as the W115 range. There was a strong family resemblance to the S-class, but these were shorter and lighter cars, though being on the same wheelbase as the S-class means they have excellent interior space. Engines range from a 95bhp two-litre to 110bhp 2.3, with a 105bhp 2.2 in the middle. At least the model names follow the engine capacities, with the 230.4 denoting the four-cylinder – see also the 230.6 (below).

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