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Megagame - Iron Dice

  • London (UK) Event

Megagame Makers are marking the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War with IRON DICE, a high-level operational megagame by Jon Casey (designer of Home Before the Leaves Fall). IRON DICE covers operations in France and Belgium between August and early November 1914. Historically, this was the period from the German invasion of Belgium to the end of the “Race to the Sea” and the First Battle of Ypres. Players will be a member of a national High Command, an Army Commander or staff officer. There are no political player teams, although High Commands will be answerable to their Political Control. The High Commands will have the opportunity to modify (within certain constraints) the historical deployment of the armies and plans of operations.


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Megagame - Iron Dice release date TBA

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Megagame - Iron Dice was released 892d ago in the UK.
London (UK) Event
London (UK) Event
September 20, 2014Confirmed
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