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Medusa and Her Lover


This is the tale of Medusa, cursed to turn all upon whom her gaze falls to tone, and Gaios, her lover. Take control of both of these characters to progress through each stage in this VR cooperative action title. Featuring an all new gimmick in which two players can split gameplay between the VR headset and the monitor to enjoy local multiplayer action with a single PS4 console. More “technical” play in which one player takes on both roles is also supported, and the story progresses as you – with or without a partner – deepen the bond between Medusa and Gaios.

Medusa and Her Lover release date for PS4 June 25, 2019 11 Months Ago (US)
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Release Dates

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Medusa and Her Lover was released on PS4 348d ago in the US and the UK.
June 25, 2019Confirmed
June 25, 2019Confirmed
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