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MATRA Murena Fastback UK Release Date

The classic car MATRA Murena upcoming Fastback release date in the UK is to be announced.

Release Dates

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MATRA Murena cover art

MATRA Murena

Classic Car

The Murena was a logical development of the Bagheera. It was clothed in a new aerodynamic body and, importantly, underpinned by a galvanised steel spaceframe which would prove resistant to rust. The top engine option was a 2.2-litre Talbot Tagora engine, which provided the go to match its excellent handling – something that the Bagheera had lacked. Sadly, politics between Peugeot-Talbot and Matra saw the Murena prematurely halted in 1985, by which time the innovative French company was gearing up to produce the Espace.

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