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MATRA 530 US Release Date

The classic car MATRA 530 upcoming Coupe release date in the USA is to be announced.

Release Dates

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MATRA 530 cover art


Classic Car

By the time it came to introducing a replacement for the Djet V, Matra’s confidence had soared, and it decided it a car that was more unconventional. It was mid-engined and strangely styled, but the 530 proved to be rather good on the road, despite using the unpromising Ford V4 engine. Construction was a steel unibody clothed in a glassfibre shell, and suspension was independent all-round. Handling was more than a match for its feeble 75bhp engine, and that would be a running theme for Matra sports cars for the coming decade. Rare and collectable for Francophiles.

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