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MASERATI Quattroporte I/II Release Date

The classic car MASERATI Quattroporte I/II upcoming Saloon release date in the USA and UK is to be announced.

Release Dates

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MASERATI Quattroporte I/II cover art

MASERATI Quattroporte I/II

Classic Car

One name, two very different cars – the Quattroporte I was significant for Maserati because it was the first of its cars to be powered by the new V8 engine, initially in 4.1-litre form (later 4.7). The family resemblance with the Mistral was strong, as it was also a Frua design; while underneath it was built on a sports car like tubular frame. The second generation Quattroporte was far less successful, with a production run of five. Powered by the 3-litre SM engine and automatic gearbox, it simply wasn’t fast or appealing enough to survive the recession of the mid-1970s.

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