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MASERATI Mistral Coupe Release Date

The classic car MASERATI Mistral Coupe upcoming Coupe release date in the USA and UK is to be announced.

Release Dates

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MASERATI Mistral Coupe cover art

MASERATI Mistral Coupe

Classic Car

The Frua-bodied Mistral was the last of the six-cylinder line of Maseratis that started with the 3500GT. Its name comes from the wind that blows across the south of France every year, and was the first Maserati to be named that way. The power unit was a direct descendent of the 350S engine, and proved lusty and long-lasting. The engine line-up was identical to the Sebring’s, but few 3.5-litre versions found their way under the bonnet of the newer car. Performance was usefully improved, because the short wheelbase Mistral weighed 200kg less than the Sebring.

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