Oxygen 2 Years Ago April 9, 2020 us

Mark of a Killer Season 2 Release Date

The tv series season Mark of a Killer Season 2 is already released on Oxygen in the USA. The upcoming Oxygen release date in the UK is to be announced.

Release Dates

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April 9, 2020Confirmed
Mark of a Killer Season 2 cover art
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Mark of a Killer Season 2

TV Series Season

Some killers are collectors who obtain perverse gratification by habitually stealing mementos from murder scenes, from jewelry to shoes, keys to even body parts. Others leave their mark at the crime scene, signatures of their personality that create insights into their profile. Each hour-long episode of "Mark of a Killer" follows the story of an investigation guided by the killer's postmortem signature and features first-hand accounts from detectives who worked on the cases as well as interviews with criminal psychology experts and family members and friends of the victims.

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