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Marcus Wilding: Duke of Pleasure

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In this scintillating prequel novella to her Dangerous Dukes miniseries, USA TODAY bestselling historical author Carole Mortimer delivers a feast for the senses! England, 1815 He’s the most accomplished lover in England, and the finest tutor in pleasure that ever lived! Lady Julianna Armitage is on a mission: The goal: Discover passion and learn the true art of lovemaking, something she never experienced in her short, loveless marriage. The teacher: The devastatingly handsome Marcus Wilding, Duke of Worthing; the one man she could never have…until now. The outcome: Pure, decadent, indulgent satisfaction! Julianna is determined to maintain control, but as Marcus unleashes a sensual siege that awakens her every sense, it soon becomes clear that losing control can be the most delicious thing of all!


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Marcus Wilding: Duke of Pleasure release date September 1, 2014 2 Years Ago

Release Dates

Marcus Wilding: Duke of Pleasure was released 903d ago in the US and the UK.
September 1, 2014Confirmed
September 1, 2014Confirmed
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