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March of War


The year is 1947. The world lies ravaged by war. Align yourself with one of six warring factions and fight for global domination in a world where borders rapidly shift as battles are won and lost. This is March of War. An online turn-based strategy game set in a dieselpunk world where strategy and firepower rule the day. Take command and lead your army into 3D battlefields that allow you to assess the war-zone from every angle. Deploy a wide range of vehicles, infantry and artillery where their specific weapons can be most effective.

March of War release date for PC June 10, 2014 4 Years Ago (US)

Release Dates

Report Date / Submit ProductReport Date / Submit Product
March of War was released on PC 1749d ago in the US and the UK.
June 10, 2014Confirmed
June 10, 2014Confirmed
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