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"Made in Kentucky" is a new docuseries that follows a rowdy group of friends in gorgeous Pike County, Kentucky, deep in Appalachian Coal Country. This diverse gang bucks all convention and makes their own fun through country shenanigans and wild behavior: from Hillbilly Jet Skiing and "Rock Bouncing" to River-Slides, Lawnmower Jousting, and making "Hot Tub Pickups" out of their trucks, there's never a dull moment when these friends come together. In a group this tight, lives intertwine - so there's no lack of dramatic love stories and complicated love triangles, but friendship always comes first. And while the recent national focus on Coal has revived hope in this once-thriving Coal Town, the group still questions what comes next: stay in the picturesque home they've loved forever... or chase opportunities outside of Coal Country?

Made in Kentucky Season 1 release date for MTV TBA (US)
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