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LOTUS Seven S1/S2 Release Date

The classic car LOTUS Seven S1/S2 upcoming Convertible release date in the USA and UK is to be announced.

Release Dates

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LOTUS Seven S1/S2 cover art

LOTUS Seven S1/S2

Classic Car

A legend is born that lives on today. Refinements over the VI it is based on include wishbone front suspension and hydraulic brakes, and that’s just for starters. S1s initially sold with Ford’s sidevalve engine, with later S1s and S2s offered with the 948cc BMC A-series and its four-speed ‘box; from 1961 there was also the option of the 997cc Anglia engines. Don’t be surprised by later upgrades though. S2s are distinguished by their glassfibre nosecones, but they also have a less complex spaceframe and revised rear axle location. Short of space for those of large frame or large feet.

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