TLC 4 Years Ago April 8, 2018 us

Long Island Medium Season 12 US Release Date

The tv series season Long Island Medium Season 12 is already released on TLC in the USA.

Release Dates

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April 8, 2018Confirmed
Long Island Medium Season 12 cover art
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Long Island Medium Season 12

TV Series Season

TLC's hit series, LONG ISLAND MEDIUM will air brand new episodes beginning Sunday, April 8th at 8:00pm ET/PT. Last December, the season ended with a question mark over Theresa and Larry's relationship as fans followed them through what has been their most emotional and personal journey yet. Putting on a brave face this season, Theresa continues to share her gift of healing and comfort and connecting people with those who have departed, all-the-while searching for her own answers in her personal life.

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