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Much bootlegged, though never heard in even reasonable audio quality, this concert – one of a handful undertaken for Fripp & Eno in 1975 – is routinely described as “legendary”. Hearing the tapes in fully restored audio quality, it’s easy to understand why it attracts such reverence now & perhaps, why the shows attracted such hostility then. No Roxy Music hits, No King Crimson riffs, just a duo sitting in near darkness with a reel to reel tape recorder, improvising over the pre-recorded loops with a filmed background projection. Replace the reel to reel machine with a couple of laptops/iPads/sequencers & the core of much current live performance from electronica to hip-hop was there some thirty years in advance. At the time, audiences responded to such a glimpse of the future with booing, walkouts & general confusion. Thanks to the discovery & restoration of the original backing tapes, it was possible – with much painstaking restoration work by Alex Mundy at DGM – to isolate, de-noise & match the live elements from the performance tapes to the studio loops to produce the final recording.

Live In Paris release date expected September 23, 2014 3 Years Ago (US)

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Live In Paris was released 1367d ago in the US and the UK.
September 23, 2014Expected
September 15, 2014Expected

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