CNBC 2 Years Ago January 15, 2020 us

Listing Impossible Season 1 US Release Date

The tv series season Listing Impossible Season 1 is already released on CNBC in the USA.

Release Dates

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January 15, 2020Confirmed
Listing Impossible Season 1 cover art
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Listing Impossible Season 1

TV Series Season

When L.A.'s wealthiest put their multi-million dollar properties up for sale, they sometimes learn that the house of their dreams... isn't anyone else's. And as a result their very, um, unique creations can end up sitting on the market for years. That's where superstar real estate agent Aaron Kirman and his team come in. To fix up the homes and attract the right buyers, they'll need to tell these owners the cold, hard truth - something the rich and powerful don't always like to hear.

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