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Life's a Beach Season 1

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Who says a beachside vacation has to be temporary? "Life's a Beach" celebrates incredible beach paradises that just might make you think twice about leaving! Hit the beach and explore some of the most incredible seaside destinations that will have you coming back again and again...maybe even for good. Alongside boats, sunsets and lapping waves, we'll dive into the beauty-rich turquoise waters of luxurious St. John; relax on a quaint little island in the Bahamas where it's just you, the sand and surf; and explore the foodie town of Bocas Del Toro in Panama, amongst others. Plus, we'll check in with some people who took the leap and made these paradises their full-time homes.


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Life's a Beach Season 1 release date for Travel July 17, 2016 7 Months Ago

Release Dates

Life's a Beach Season 1 was released on Travel 225d ago in the US.
July 17, 2016Confirmed
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