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Let's Get To It (Deluxe Edition)

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"Let's Get To It" was Kylie''s final album for PWL, originally released in October 1991 to rave reviews. Produced by Stock & Waterman, it found Kylie exploring the diverse grooves of the early 90s, from New Jack Swing and R&B to house and techno. It features the hits "Word Is Out" (#16), "Give Me Just A Little More Time" (#2), the classic "Finer Feelings" (#11), and the self-penned duet with Keith Washington, "If You Were With Me Now" (#4). The Limited Special Edition set includes eight bonus tracks: "Keep On Pumpin'' It", Kylie''s classic underground club collaboration with Visionmasters & Tony King, plus B-sides and essential 12" mixes. The Special Edition features unique picture CD artwork and a 24-page booklet containing full lyrics, new sleeve notes and classic images.


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Let's Get To It (Deluxe Edition) release date expected November 4, 2014 2 Years Ago

Release Dates

Let's Get To It (Deluxe Edition) was released 841d ago in the US and the UK.
November 4, 2014Expected
October 27, 2014Expected
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