Blu-ray 2 Days Ago Tuesday September 21st us

Lady of the Manor Blu-ray Release Date

The movie Lady of the Manor was just released 2 days ago on Blu-ray in the USA. The upcoming Blu-ray release date in the UK is to be announced.

Release Dates

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September 21, 2021Confirmed
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Lady of the Manor


Lady of the Manor is an American comedy centering on Hannah, someone who doesn't have their life completely together. Considering herself a slacker by trade and spending her free time being stoned, Hannah is hired by the Wadsworth Estate as an actress portraying Lady Wadsworth, a Southern lady who lost her life in 1875. Hannah knows nothing about the woman she's portraying, improvising her performances until the ghost of the woman herself shows up. Lady Wadsworth demands that Hannah do better for herself, or else she will continue to haunt the girl until a positive change happens.
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