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KTM Motocross - 2015 Release Date

The motorcycle KTM Motocross - 2015 is already released on KTM Motocross New Models 2015 in the USA and UK.

Release Dates

Report Date / Submit ProductReport Date / Submit Product
KTM Motocross New Models 2015
KTM Motocross New Models 2015
KTM Motocross - 2015 cover art
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KTM Motocross - 2015


The main news related to stronger and stronger suspension frame, but done as well as other minor improvements on all KTM’s four-stroke and two-stroke motocross bikes. Although deprived of some of the revolutionary newspaper, KTM’s motocross bikes are not missed her regular annual rejuvenation treatment and mild weight loss. Thus, the models in 2015. Boast the worked-frame, in which the brand new cross tube from the bottom rear of the frame, to which it connects, and progressive linkage. Since welds are absent, this part could be accurately derived and stronger, and in addition it is 60 grams lighter. In addition, the newly calculated progressive linkage, which is also the 40 grams easier, and thus is aligned and adjustment of the shock absorber.

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