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Time has come to join the Dark Journey to the other side of Teana and visit a mysterious part of the world never before seen by royal bounty hunters. For the first time in King’s Bounty series, players will be able to choose their hero’s race as well as class. Become a fearless Orcs warrior, lead and heal your troops as a Demoness, or use dark magic as a fearsome Vampire. The world is in turmoil. After winning the battle of Tristrem, arrogant elves plunder Orcish villages, desecrate holy shrines, and massacre the innocents. Orc-Baghyr, the greatest living Orc warrior, is forced to flee with a handful of loyal followers. He vows to return with a stronger force and retake his homeland!

King's Bounty: Dark Side release date for PC August 19, 2014 3 Years Ago (US)

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King's Bounty: Dark Side was released on PC 1134d ago in the US and the UK.
August 19, 2014Confirmed
August 19, 2014Confirmed

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