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Killing Bigfoot Season 1

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An ex-Pro wrestler and a Vietnam Vet are on the hunt for Bigfoot. Entering the forests at night the two men and a team of paramilitary men brandishing assault weapons are intent on Killing Bigfoot. They are determined to prove to the rest of the world and the scientific community that Bigfoot is real. This puts them at odds with many in the Bigfoot Community who do not want to see one dead… and claim they have DNA which proves it is human and not a kind of ape. Killing one would therefore be murder. The Gulf Coast Bigfoot Organization (GCBRO) is a group of hardcore woodsman with military and security backgrounds who are dedicated to the task of bagging a Bigfoot. They use military style stealth operations and hunt with assault weapons and live ammo. These are men of action, who are convinced that what they are seeing and experiencing is real.

Killing Bigfoot Season 1 release date for Destination America February 4, 2017 2 Years Ago (US)
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Killing Bigfoot Season 1 was released on Destination America 1021d ago in the US.
Destination America
February 4, 2017Confirmed
Destination America
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