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Killer Siblings Season 2

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Killer Siblings tells the twisted stories of some of the most maniacal siblings in history. Through exclusive interviews and firsthand accounts, the series will delve into the evil minds of siblings who partnered together to commit some of the most heinous and sophisticated homicides. From teen brothers with a perverse dream to become prolific mass murderers, to a Sheriff's deputy who killed his wife's lover by employing his brothers, who were on the FBI's most wanted list, to do his dirty work, Killer Siblings will take viewers into the minds of family members committed to carrying out evil acts, no matter the cost.

Killer Siblings Season 2 release date for Oxygen November 7, 2020 8 Days Left (US)
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The upcoming Killer Siblings Season 2 Oxygen release date is November 7, 2020 in the US.
November 7, 2020Confirmed
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