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HUMAN OFFENSIVE Though the Cerberus Rebels have battled unfathomable odds to defend mankind, victory and sovereignty remain far from assured. As enemies of otherworldly origin push the warriors' power to the limit, a very human menace emerges, eager to grind them all to dust. DOOMSDAY CONTAGION Brothers-in-arms Kane and Grant upheld the inflexible laws of Cobaltville until they finally turned their backs on its wicked regime. Now a fresh threat brings them back to the barony—a mysterious plague that kills with impunity. It soon becomes clear that this murderous pestilence isn't the result of some random mutation, but the product of a dark and twisted mind. With the disease spreading rapidly, the Cerberus warriors can only hope they're not too late—or too vulnerable—to save humanity from being snuffed out by one of its own.

Judgment Plague release date November 1, 2014 3 Years Ago (US)

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Judgment Plague was released 1328d ago in the US and the UK.
November 1, 2014Confirmed
November 1, 2014Confirmed

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