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JAGUAR XJ 5.3C Coupé Release Date

The classic car JAGUAR XJ 5.3C Coupé upcoming Coupe release date in the USA and UK is to be announced.

Release Dates

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JAGUAR XJ 5.3C Coupé cover art

JAGUAR XJ 5.3C Coupé

Classic Car

Prematurely announced in the summer of 1973, it would be a further two years before the two-door XJ-C would finally go on sale. The timing wasn’t exactly great, though, as at the point it went on sale, the world had been pushed into the midst of a fuel crsis, and then recession, that took the best part of a decade to recover from. A vinyl roof was fitted as standard to all models, and the frameless windows that caused so much trouble during development, were noisy at speed and often leaked. Fuel injection was added later, which caused further problems.

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