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Ivy Lane: Winter: Part 4 (Cathy Bramley) Kindle Release Date

The book Ivy Lane: Winter: Part 4 (Cathy Bramley) is already released on Kindle in the USA and UK.

Release Dates

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November 6, 2014Confirmed
November 6, 2014Confirmed
Ivy Lane: Winter: Part 4 (Cathy Bramley) cover art
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Ivy Lane: Winter: Part 4 (Cathy Bramley)


Hope thrives at Ivy Lane . . . As winter descends on Ivy Lane, the frost sparkles and icy winds flurry - but Tilly is still reeling from the events of the Hallowe'en party. Only the die-hard plot holders brave the cold weather, and Tilly fears the loneliness that gripped her a year ago will return. Resolute to stay cheerful, she throws herself into organizing both the inaugural Ivy Lane Great Cake Competition and the Christmas Party, and even squeezes in a little match-making along the way. Surrounded by her friends at the Christmas Party, Tilly has come a long way in a year. She can feel her own heart slowly melting, but who will be waiting under the mistletoe? Ivy Lane is a serialized novel told in four parts - taking you through a year in the life of Tilly Parker - ending with Winter. Each part of Ivy Lane is approx. 10 chapters.

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