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Is This Love? Release Date

The book Is This Love? is already released on Kindle in the USA and UK.

Release Dates

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December 25, 2014Confirmed
December 25, 2014Confirmed
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Is This Love?


Pamela and Maggie, two sisters with very different takes on life, find themselves thrown together for the first time since their father died. Maggie has just returned home after leaving her English boyfriend. She has a secret and no idea where her future lies. All she knows is that she needs to find a job and quick, before her mother starts asking awkward questions. But Maggie soon finds out that there aren't too many jobs going in top restaurants in Dublin city. Pamela has her life sorted. She's married to Dick whose needs are simple - a clean house, quiet children and a wife that does exactly what she's told. Two sisters, once close, are forced to question everything they thought they knew and ask - Is This Love?

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