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Inside the Label Season 1

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  • BET

BET Networks goes deep ‘inside' the music industry with the premiere of "INSIDE THE LABEL". The original docu-series tells in-depth stories of the rise... and sometimes fall of iconic record labels, told through the eyes of the founders, artists, competitors, and key players involved in the creation of the music that defined us over the last quarter century. "INSIDE THE LABEL" unfolds in eight one-hour episodes and explores how music labels transformed the sound, face and business of hip hop and reveals the behind-the-scenes power players responsible for many of your favorite artists rise to success.


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Inside the Label Season 1 release date for BET May 17, 2016 9 Months Ago

Release Dates

Inside the Label Season 1 was released on BET 284d ago in the US.
May 17, 2016Confirmed
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