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Picking up from where the 2018 pilot left off, In My Skin follows Bethan as she desperately tries to keep the truth of her home life a secret from her friends. But when your mother is sectioned in a mental facility near your school and has a penchant for breaking out, and your father is a Hell's Angel who drives a rag and bone truck—flying under the radar ain't so easy. Nevertheless, Bethan is determined to save her own blushes. But her cheek and wit can only carry her so far as she digs herself deeper and deeper in to a hole of her own lies.

In My Skin Season 1 release date for Hulu July 30, 2020 2 Weeks Ago (US)
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In My Skin Season 1 was released on Hulu 15d ago in the US.
BBC Three
July 30, 2020Confirmed
BBC Three
March 29, 2020Confirmed
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