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Impact of Murder Season 2

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Returning with more gut-wrenching stories showcasing tragedies whose repercussions reverberate throughout society, IMPACT OF MURDER returns for a second season to ID. Using the gripping victim impact statements delivered in court as the driving storytelling technique, this series showcases how victims can be empowered against their perpetrator to stand up in court and confront them - and in some cases, unexpectedly find forgiveness. Through a victim's own words, viewers understand the horror they endured or the significance of the life that was taken, providing an acute and emotional understanding of the collateral damage of murder. In a gripping four-episode second season, the stories examine instances of racial injustice, domestic violence, a wrongful conviction, and a fatal chance encounter. IMPACT OF MURDER will premiere on Thursday, September 10 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Investigation Discovery.

Impact of Murder Season 2 release date for Investigation Discovery September 10, 2020 10 Days Ago (US)
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Impact of Murder Season 2 was released on Investigation Discovery 10d ago in the US.
Investigation Discovery
September 10, 2020Confirmed
Investigation Discovery
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