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“Impact" is the twelfth book in a series of near future SciFi/Thrillers whose heroine Ell Donsaii has a nerve mutation that makes her a genius and provides her some astonishing athletic abilities. In “Impact,” Ell’s been taken off the “Most Wanted” list and is resuming somewhat of a normal life. Her old friend Phil Zabrisk is on his way to Mars. One of her exploration rockets is about to land on an earthlike world. Then an enormous comet crashes into Tau Ceti three, threatening the lives of the teecees there. Aliens that Ell and others have come to think of as friends. Phil falls on Mars, breaking his hip in a fashion that needs surgery soon if he’s not to be crippled. Can she save her friends at Tau Ceti and is the risk of porting Phil back to Earth acceptable? Oh, and her son Zage is confounding people right and left…

Impact! release date September 19, 2014 5 Years Ago (US)

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Impact! was released 2085d ago in the US and the UK.
September 19, 2014Confirmed
September 19, 2014Confirmed
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