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I Am Homicide Season 1

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When the streets talk, he listens. Where a crime scene has already been picked over, he can see things everyone else missed. Meet homicide detective Garry McFadden, the focus of Investigation Discovery's all-new original series I AM HOMICIDE. After nearly three decades with the Charlotte Police Department, Det. McFadden has solved more than 700 homicide cases, resulting in a 90-percent success rate with the investigations he pursues. But his work doesn't stop at protecting and serving the community of Charlotte. Chances are that when a call comes in, he knows the victim, the family, or even the perpetrator, because he has made it his mission to be one with the people of Charlotte, operating his investigations out of a local diner instead of the police precinct so he can truly get to know residents across the city and gain their confidence. Det. McFadden uses his street smarts to work the neighborhood networks and gather critical information for leads, at times risking his life by trusting the streets he calls home.

I Am Homicide Season 1 release date for Investigation Discovery June 14, 2016 3 Years Ago (US)
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I Am Homicide Season 1 was released on Investigation Discovery 1314d ago in the US.
Investigation Discovery
June 14, 2016Confirmed
Investigation Discovery
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