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For the hundreds of families who decide to move entirely off-grid, the learning curve is a steep one. Even the most resourceful and determined families often succumb to their first winter, monsoon or drought season. That's where the Raney family steps in. Father and builder Marty Raney - flanked by farmer daughter Misty and son Matt, an expert hunter and fisherman - teach homesteading hopefuls the off-the-grid basics and prepare them for nature's worst. At the end of the day, the prospects must heed lessons to learn and survive on their own or give up their dream forever.

Homestead Rescue Season 3 release date for Discoveryexpected Q4 2017 Next Quarter (US)
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The upcoming Homestead Rescue Season 3 Discovery release date is expected to be Q4 2017 in the US.
Q4 2017Expected

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