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Homestead Rescue Season 1

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  • Discovery

In the last decade, two million Americans have attempted to leave behind civilization in favor of life off-the-grid - but most have failed. For the hundreds of families who decide to become homesteaders, the learning curve is a steep one. Now comes new series HOMESTEAD RESCUE, which premieres Friday, June 17 at 10:00 PM ET/PT on the Discovery Channel. In the series, produced by Raw Television, struggling homesteaders across the country are turning expert homesteader Marty Raney - along with his daughter Misty Raney, a farmer, and son Matt Raney, a hunter and fisherman - to teach them the necessary skills to survive the wilderness. The stakes are high, but the Raney family is determined to prepare these families for nature's worst and set them up for success. Each family faces the ultimate decision: will they tough out their first year or pack up and return to civilization?


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Homestead Rescue Season 1 release date for Discovery June 17, 2016 8 Months Ago

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Homestead Rescue Season 1 was released on Discovery 251d ago in the US.
June 17, 2016Confirmed

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